World Heart Day 2022: Use Heart For Every Heart: 29 September

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Every year, World Heart Day is celebrated on September 29th. It is a day that aims to create awareness about the need for healthy lifestyles to prevent cardiovascular diseases, such as heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure, while also highlighting the importance of prevention, treatment and research. The idea of conducting this event came from Antoni Bayés de Luna, then president of the World Heart Federation. Originally, World Heart Day was observed on the last Sunday of September, and the first celebration took place on 24th September 2000. 

Need For Cardiac Health Awareness 

Cardiac health is a broad term that includes many different areas of human health. Unfortunately, Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the most common cause of death globally, claiming around 17.9 million lives each year. The most common cardiovascular diseases include coronary heart disease, stroke, arrhythmias, ischaemic heart disease, and more. CVDs are especially prevalent in people who have abnormal lipid levels, diabetes or obesity.

Key Challenges In Cardiac Care

  • The first challenge is that many patients are not aware of the risk factors for heart disease and what they can do to reduce these risks. Doctors, Cardiologists, need to communicate with patients about this issue and provide education on how they can improve their cardiac health.
  • Another challenge in cardiac care is that many people don’t recognize the symptoms of heart disease and when they should seek treatment for them. Doctors, Cardiologists need to educate their patients about their symptoms, what could cause them, and when it’s time to go see a doctor about them.
  • Often people recognise the risk factors and symptoms, but they don’t take preventive or cardiac rehabilitation steps like lifestyle changes, or easy access to patient monitoring systems at home. Regular monitoring and lifestyle changes can significantly help people have healthier life.
  • Poor access to health care is a big issue. There is still a lot that needs to be done to improve access to cardiac health care for vulnerable populations. Over 75% of CVD deaths occur in low to middle-income countries. Teleconsultations with the support of technology and vital monitoring devices are a boon for such countries. 
  • Most people in today’s world are suffering from psychological stress, and anxiety- may it be a lack of work-life balance or personal reasons. Stress can be a significant factor in increasing your risk of developing a heart attack. It can also lead to increased blood pressure and heart rate. This is where they need to take preventive measures to avoid cardiac complications.

World Heart Day 2022: Use Heart For Every Heart

This #WorldHeartDay, the World Heart Federation is promoting the theme ‘Use Heart For Every Heart’. The idea behind this is to create awareness and educate the public about heart disease and the importance of prevention. 

Here’s discussing the 3 main pillars of the campaign.

Use Heart For Humanity

As stated above, low-to-middle income countries are prone to CVDs due to poor access to healthcare. Curofone suggests- together we can help people learn more about Teleconsultations and patient monitoring systems to give them easy, remote access to cardiac care. This will be helpful for people living in rural areas. 

Use Heart For Nature

Did you know- Air pollution claims around 25% of all cardiovascular deaths? It’s time to give our best to make our planet sustainable and reduce air pollution at an individual level. Using public transport is the first step towards it. 

Use Heart For You

Most people stress a lot. It’s time to change it. Focus on developing your coping mechanism and choose healthier habits to avoid stress and take care of yourself, and your heart!

Curofone Supports Use Heart For Healthcare Access

As we celebrate World Heart Day, Curofone urges you to take your heart health seriously before it becomes too late. Make regular health check your habit, know your foods, exercise regularly, and never miss an appointment with your cardiologist. Choose CardioCare Plan for comprehensive cardiac care (Teleconsultation + Health Monitoring + Curofone App). The vital monitoring device, CuroMe monitors BP, ECG, Heart Rate, SpO2, and Temperature, all in one. It’s the best partner in your cardiac care. Feel free to connect to us and pledge to make your heart healthy this World Heart Day!