How do remote health monitoring devices help in routine self-care? [Cardiovascular Diseases]

Cardiovascular diseases or CVDs are chronic diseases. It means diseases that have been present for more than three months and get worse with time if not taken care of. They also have the potential of leading to another medical condition. These diseases cannot be completely cured or managed with medication alone. However, the good news is that they can be controlled or even prevented by following a comprehensive chronic disease management approach including self-care, consulting specialists and monitoring health vitals regularly. 

Importance of self-care in cardiovascular disease

Self-care is not just something good to do once in a while; it is a critical component in managing cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, arrhythmias, coronary artery disease and more. There are many benefits of properly managing your condition. For example, you will have better health and be more aware of the risks associated with not taking care of yourself. If you do not manage it properly, you may experience deteriorating health, an increase in hospital visits and medical expenses. 

CVD self-care approaches are different for each person, with no one size fits all strategy. However, some basic care steps usually apply. One such is keeping a check on your health vitals such as Heart Rate, ECG, Blood Pressure, Temperature and more. 

Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring during self-care

RPM devices can be used by CVD or other chronic diseases patients at home and those unable to come to the hospital. Let’s understand how it can help patients in self-care. 

Regular monitoring of health vitals

As a part of self-care, cardiac disease patients can check the following health vitals via a patient monitoring system such as the CuroMe Cardiac Monitor and know how their heart is doing. These are the key health vitals to check for CVDs.

  • Blood Pressure: It is ideal to have a score of 120/80 mmHg; 140/90 mmHg is considered normal. 
  • Heart Rate: 60-100 beats per minute while resting is normal. Consult your doctor if the heart rate is on the higher side or lower. If you are an athlete or active person, your heart rate can be 50 or lower. 
  • ECG: It can help you identify potential heart risks like arrhythmias, blood vessels disorder and more. CuroMe EKG function can measure heart rate, QRS duration, etc with precision. The normal range may differ for men and women. 
  • SpO2: 95% or more of oxygen in the blood is considered normal. 

Keeping Track of Conditions with CuroMe

Patients need to be informed about their health progress. CardioCare plan comes with an app ‘Curofone’ and the monitoring device ‘CuroMe health monitor’. The device sync all the data with the Curofone app so that patients are updated on their progress. They understand the lifestyle changes that proved beneficial for health and the steps they need to take for betterment. Also, they can share all these reports with their cardiologist. Access to regular monitoring reports can give your cardiologist good insight into your health patterns. They may suggest to you some personalised course of treatment and lifestyle changes. 

Avoid life-threatening situations

Generally, people miss some alarming heart health-related signals or signs. With CuroMe vitals monitored by your side, you can check your ECG, heart rate, SpO2, blood pressure anytime, anywhere. If you feel any symptoms of heart attack, stroke, arrhythmias, access to the RPM device will help you take prompt actions and consult your cardiologist before it’s too late. 

Self-care with Curofone!

Remote health monitoring is significantly changing the way patients take care of themselves in daily life. An informed approach towards cardiac care and diseases is a boon. It is saving their travel time, expenses on tests and more. Checking health vitals at home is also a very easy process with Curofone’s CuroMe Health Monitors. This 5-in-1 device is portable. Patients can carry it during travel, ensuring uninterrupted access to health monitoring. Plus, the data sync with our teleconsultation ‘Curofone’ app. It further makes consultations with a cardiologist hassle-free. To sum up, we can say- Curofone’s remote health monitoring services have made ‘health in your pocket’ a real thing. 

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