Myths & Facts About Your Heart & Heart Conditions

Heart disease is among the world’s leading causes of death. Over the years, we have learnt about the heart and its diseases. Technology and medical expertise have also given ways to not just survive these diseases but also manage them for a healthy life. Even though people now have a better understanding of heart disease than before, there are still some myths that they unknowingly believe. These wrong pieces of information can be fatal for cardiac patients. Curofone understands Cardiovascular diseases to the core. We know how important it is to dispel the CVD myths and share facts. In this blog, we have examined some myths and shared the facts that you must know. Let’s check it out. 


MYTH: I am too young to worry about heart health

FACT: Young people can also develop cardiovascular diseases. Heart problems are often not related to age. There are many lifestyles, environmental and genetic factors that play a vital role in the development of heart diseases. Conditions like heart arrhythmia, high blood pressure, etc, can also affect young adults. It is important to know how one’s heart is doing throughout your whole life and your risks of developing heart problems later on.

MYTH: A heart attack is sudden and painful

FACT: Unlike what you imagine, most heart attack cases are subtle. A patient may experience a heart attack when asleep or simply resting. Some heart attacks are so mild that they go unnoticed. It generally begins with mild discomfort or pain in the chest, shortness of breath, pain in the arms, the back, nausea and more.  Also, Heart diseases don’t always happen suddenly. Regular health checkups can be very helpful in preventing potential medical emergencies. 

MYTH: Heart disease runs in my family. I cannot prevent it.

FACT: People with a family history of CVD/heart diseases indeed have a higher risk, but it is unavoidable to some extent. Taking good care of health, staying active, exercising, eating calculated calories, controlling cholesterol, managing blood sugar and blood pressure can dramatically reduce your risks. Start it from today! 

MYTH: Only overweight people develop cardiac diseases

FACT: Heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular diseases can happen even if the person is not overweight or has high cholesterol levels. It is because heart diseases are also related to other health statuses like diabetes and hypertension which can commonly affect anybody. 

MYTH: You must quit exercising after Heart Surgery

FACT: Exercising aids recovery after heart surgery. However, it is important to consult your cardiologist before you hit the gym. Know which exercises are good for you and the recommended intensity of the workout. The idea is to stay active, have moderate exercise without straining your heart. 

MYTH: Patients don’t need to worry about heart health after surgery

FACT: This is one of the biggest misconceptions. Some major surgeries are indeed life-transforming for patients. However, in most cases, surgery can assist in relieving symptoms such as chest pain, discomfort and shortness of breath. It can also improve your heart’s functionality and lower the risks of mishappening.  It is crucial to take steps for effective chronic disease management after surgery. Consult your cardiologist regularly. They can suggest changes in your treatment, medications, diet by checking your health profile, medical history and reports.  You can also keep your health vitals such as Heart Rate, ECG, SpO2, Blood Pressure, Temperature in check with CuroMe Cardiac Health Monitors, a 5-in-1, portable, FDA and CE approved patient monitoring device. Learn more about the device here. 

Spread The Word

And the list goes on! We hope this blog has busted the most common myths about heart diseases and care. We have done our part, now it’s your turn to spread the word and help people know the facts. The right information and awareness can save lives. Adopt a healthy lifestyle, consult your cardiologist and always keep a trusted CuroMe Cardiac Monitor at home to know your health vitals anytime anywhere! Book Your FREE CuroMe Demo Today!

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