Monitor your health at home with Curofone

In an age when nearly everyone is digitally connected in some ways, it is obvious to see the growth in the adoption rate of healthcare devices and patient monitoring devices. A simple search on Google for the best health monitoring device for at-home use can take you to the myriad of options available. We can say the Covid-19 pandemic has improved healthcare habits. People are now more adaptive to the new devices.

As you begin the search, you can find monitoring devices from the leading global brands to ones with the most innovative technology. Choosing the best chronic disease management device for your at-home checkups is a task. At Curofone, we understand your concerns to the core. It is obvious to have doubts before you finally trust a device for your health. This is why we decided to clear your doubts for once and all and give you an idea of why you can trust Curofone for your healthcare at home.

  • Bringing Convenient Telehealth Access To All!

Curofone is a Telehealth tool for Patients and Doctors to connect remotely in a hassle-free, convenient way. The idea behind Curofone is to bring medical consultation from clinics to an individual’s home. We reduce one-to-one clinical consultation to zero. Let’s dive deeper into the features of the health monitoring devices that come with the Curofone health monitoring plan and why it’s worth having it at your home.

  • FDA and CE Approved Devices

With the advent of so many foreign medical devices in the market, choosing a reliable monitoring device is a must. The FDA and CE approved devices are an assurance of safety and efficacy. The CE Mark of the European Union and the FDA approval of the United States make Curofone’s health monitoring devices the best choice.

  • Verified By The Leading Doctors For Use

The leading doctor medical professionals verified the Curofone health tracking app and devices. They find it very convenient to monitor their patients’ health vitals remotely & get a real-time view of patient vital signs. Most doctors use the Curofone app to communicate with patients and often praise Video Consultation and E-Prescription features.

  • User-Friendly Device

Every Curofone patient monitoring device is carefully designed keeping the needs of patients in the mind. We understand that there could be times when patients need to self-access themselves at home or during their travels. This is where Curofone Health Monitors stand out. Our devices are easy to use for any person to measure their ECG, Blood Pressure and other important vitals on their own. With features such as all-in-one vital signs monitoring, one-button operation, automatic switch on/off, elderly patients can also use it in a hassle-free manner. The devices are also lightweight and portable. Perfect for home use!

  • Travel Friendly

What if we say you can carry Curofone healthcare devices in your pocket or a handbag? Absolutely! Our devices are very portable and travel friendly. It is safe to carry our devices during your travel. Due to its compact designs, most users don’t find it difficult to carry. This, in turn, helps patients to stay checked even when they are out, enjoying and skip their daily routine.

Curofone Health Monitoring Devices

CuroMe: Cardiac Health Monitor

It is a portable, all-in-one vital signs monitor to track heart health anytime, anywhere. It comes with our CardioCare Healthcare Plan. The 5 vitals monitoring device can measure a person’s ECG/EKD, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Levels (%SpO2), Blood Pressure (NIBP), and Temperature. A person can easily take a 30 or 60-seconds recording of their ECG at home, and the device also detects any Irregular heart rhythm, Arrhythmia or other such conditions. It is a very compact device and can be carried in your pocket. Easy to use the device with detailed reports make self-assessment at home hassle-free for you and your loved ones. CuroMe Health Monitor is also offered on Rent with our CardioCare health plan, offered by leading Cardiologists in India.


This device by Curofone can check both Blood Pressure and EKG.
It is an FDA approved device and has a built-in memory of up to 60 measurements. The OLED Screen helps in easy reading of EKG and BP status. Patients and Doctors can monitor the real-time Blood Pressure and ECG via a free iOS and Android App. Users can sync and save their vitals records on the mobile app by connecting devices via Bluetooth. Users can also easily share their latest vitals report from the Curofone app to any doctor or caregiver via Bluetooth. CuroBP+ is one of the highly recommended Curofone devices by doctors.

CuroOxy Pulse Oximeter

CuroOxy is a CE and FDA Approved oximeter. It is a device to measure Blood Oxygen Saturation Level (SpO2) and Heart Rate (pulse). The 4 directional OLED Display with dual colour makes it easy to check readings. The audio and visual flashing alarm feature alerts if your readings go beyond the normal range. The design is super-light and compact, making it portable. Users can sync the oximeter with the Curofone app on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

In the end

Phew! The list of Curofone’s healthcare device benefits is vast. Our idea of healthcare at home is to help patients with uninterrupted medical services, whether through accurate, timely monitoring or online health consultation by the leading doctors you can trust! If you are looking for the best monitoring device for your home, get in touch with our team today. Our healthcare plans and monitoring devices are the perfect healthcare solution you need right now!

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