How Remote Health Monitoring Benefits Heart Patients

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Cardiac care is complex, and technology has come a long way in recent years. With the advancement of health technology, cardiologists and doctors are able to minimise the risk of death from heart-related diseases like coronary artery disease, heart attack, heart failure, etc. For the unversed, Cardiac care includes monitoring, diagnosing, treating, and caring for patients with heart disease. Nowadays, Remote monitoring is an emerging trend that has the potential to revolutionize healthcare. Vital monitoring devices such as CuroMe are getting popular because of the way it helps patients to know their health vitals anytime, anywhere. Let’s understand Remote Health Monitoring in detail. 

What is Remote Health Monitoring?

Remote Health Monitoring can be used for both preventive and diagnostic purposes. With remote monitoring, patients can measure and share their health vitals with a healthcare provider. This allows doctors to make decisions about treatment plans more quickly and efficiently. Remote health monitoring has been around for decades, but only recently has it become mainstream due to the current technological advancements in the industry. Thanks to patient monitoring devices like CuroMe. It makes remote health monitoring accessible to patients at home quite efficiently. 

Benefits Of Remote Health Monitoring For Heart Patients – CuroMe

Real-Time Monitoring

As mentioned earlier, vital monitoring device such as CuroMe gives real-time results for health vitals such as blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, and SpO2. It allows cardiac patients to check their health without having to visit the doctor or hospital. It also allows people who are unable to travel or are otherwise unable to leave their homes and offices, such as those with disabilities or cardiac complications to receive care.


At times, cardiac patients ignore visiting their cardiologists due to high check-up expenses. They don’t have the flexibility to spend on heart rate, and ECG every time. Compromising heart health because of the costs involved can lead to long-term consequences. A patient monitoring system is a cost-effective option for patients. It can help patients to manage their heart condition with ease; without burning out a huge amount!

Improved Quality Of Care

Patient monitoring systems are designed to make sure that patients are safe and taken care of. They monitor the patient’s vital signs, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. They help healthcare providers provide better care for their patients and even increase their quality of life for them. Patient monitoring systems are also designed to be convenient and easy to use. They can be operated by people who have a medical background or by people who don’t have any medical background at all. The system can even notify the healthcare provider when something goes wrong with the patient so they can take action immediately.

Easy Report Sharing 

CuroMe device sync with the Curofone app for cardiologists to easily access and analyse health reports in real-time. It allows them to track patients’ vital signs like heart rate, ECG, SpO2 and blood pressure from their smartphones. With this information, doctors can take better care of their patients without having to visit them physically. The less guesswork enhances treatment accuracy for heart care patients. 

Gives Peace Of Mind

Having portable health monitoring devices at home gives peace of mind to heart patients. They can check their health vitals anytime whenever they fill something is not right. It gives a sense of assurance that these devices will help them avoid serious emergencies. 

Take Care Of Your Heart With CuroMe!

Now that you know remote vital monitoring devices can make a whole difference in the way cardiac patients get receive care, it’s time to own CuroMe for your and loved ones’ heart health. CuroMe is an amazing 5-in-1 patient monitoring device that can help you stay updated about your health anytime, anywhere. It has monitoring features like Heart Rate, ECG, BP, SpO2, Temperature and more. Patients can also share their medical history, and reports, and access e-Presciptions using the free Curofone app.

And the list goes on! There’s lots more that CuroMe Device can do for your heart health! Book a Free CuroMe DEMO to explore more!