How does remote health monitoring improves patient care management?

Most people who have recently heard about remote monitoring in healthcare think of it as advanced but complicated medical data exchanges or AI-driven medical machines. On the contrary, remote monitoring is a simple way to connect patients & their health information to doctors using simple monitoring devices & apps. It has made health monitoring a good experience for patients and their caretakers. How? The health monitoring devices are easy, portable, and accessible. People can check their health vitals at home- when they are relaxing; without hampering their daily routine. It is what makes their healthcare routine convenient. Patients and their families feel more secure and empowered when they have access to monitoring devices anytime, anywhere. The adoption rate of Remote Patient Monitoring device (RPM) has dramatically increased since the world has encountered the Covid-19 pandemic. And, it’s here to stay in demand. India’s leading doctors are finding telemedicine services to be a good and safe way to provide uninterrupted consultations to patients in need. Remote patient monitoring helps doctors to access patients’ health data seamlessly and manage their chronic conditions efficiently. Let’s understand how remote health monitoring improves care management.  

How does remote health monitoring improve patient care management?

  • – Improved Care

When a patient visits doctors for regular checkups and takes tests in months, it becomes challenging for a doctor to understand the health patterns and craft a healthcare plan. When they ask for more details from the patient or their family members, most of the data they receive is not valuable or trustworthy (a random guess without RPM proofs!). Hence, having a health monitoring device at home makes things easier and efficient. Patient-generated data gives health insights that doctors wouldn’t otherwise have access to-that means doctors can refer to these reports when diagnosing and creating the patient’s healthcare plan.
  • – Empowers Patients To Take Charge Of Their Health

The idea behind remote monitoring devices is to help patients take charge of their health by conducting daily health checks and allowing them to consult with their doctor when needed. We see how smarter technology and healthcare devices available enable easier health data capture and access to reports anytime, anywhere. This is also helpful for those who live in rural areas where it’s not easy for them to travel long distances to see a doctor or those who have very busy schedules and don’t have time to visit the doctor’s office during business hours. Remote monitoring allows people the luxury of living healthy lives without having any inconvenience.
  • – Enables Patient’s Caretakers To Keep Health In Check

With remote monitoring devices such as CuroMe cardiac monitor, patients can get their daily vitals checks and monthly check-ups done. This way, the patients who are unable to visit hospitals or cannot afford bigger ICU monitoring at home, can use such smart devices to regularly monitor their vitals at home. The reports can be easily shared with their Doctor via app & also help in maintaining their health history. Indeed, Remote monitoring enables a patient to recover faster by providing easy ways for them & their caregivers for regular reporting & having a complete view of their health.
At Curofone, we have a special CardioCare Healthcare Plan that includes a cardiac care health monitoring device called CuroMe. It is a portable, all-in-one vital signs monitor. You can monitor 5 vitals ECG/EKD, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Levels (%SpO2), Blood Pressure (NIBP), and Temperature anytime, anywhere! The device is so small that it can easily fit into your pockets. Easy to use, the device provides your Vitals Result Report & hence makes self-assessment at home hassle-free for you and your loved ones!

Health Monitoring Device & Online Consultations

They are various studies recommend chronic patients choose health monitoring plans and devices with collaborative capabilities and online consultation with doctors for effective chronic disease management. Nowadays, Patients often prefer monitoring their health at home and consulting doctors online. We feel this is the present & future of healthcare. Remote Patient Monitoring truly encourages & empowers patients to focus on a holistic health recovery by actively engaging them in their own health care. Now is the time to take charge of your health. Stay home and stay healthy. Feel free to book a free demo of our Cardiac Healthcare Plans and Health Monitoring Devices: CuroMe, Curo BP+, CuroOxy today! Also Read: Home Care For Elderly Patients After Heart Surgery

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