Home Care For Elderly Patients After Heart Surgery

Old family members are most cherished in our families. They provide unconditional love and wisdom. We all worry when their health deteriorates due to something severe like heart attacks. Most of us feel anxious, worried, and untrusting of those around us (including doctors at times) as we start to question what could happen in the future. It is understandable because they are important people in our life who have cared for us since our birth or before. 

Everyone should understand that the healthcare needs for old people are different from the needs of young. They require more care and physical assistance around the house. For instance, they may need help going to the washroom, bathing, taking medication, and eating. Also, their road to recovery after surgery is not always quick and smooth.

All these factors might put you in a dilemma of how you can help your elderly family members manage their cardiovascular diseases after surgery? 

Relax! Curofone has got your back. Being into chronic patient management for years, we know it can be challenging to help patients heal after cardiac surgery. The key to helping your elderly member manage is going the extra mile and believing in prompt cardiac care. Here are a few tips that you can start following once your elderly member is back at home after surgery.

Regular Wound Care

Wounds usually take longer than expected to heal from heart surgery, and the age factor also makes it complicated. Take proper care of wound dressings. Be gentle and try to keep the patient calm during wound cleaning sessions. If they still experience pain or discomfort, talk to your cardiologist about other ways of relieving pain.

Diet Care

Post heart surgery phase is a very challenging time for old people. Their immunity and energy decline quickly after the operation, and they become weak for a few days or weeks. Although it can happen at any age, it’s more common in older adults. Hence, the diet of cardiac patients is paramount. It can help their body stay strong and maintain a good mood during the recovery phase. Take special care of it!

Emotional Wellbeing

After the heart surgery, patients sometimes experience intense feelings of frustration. They may feel completely overwhelmed and unable to cope with everything happening in their lives. However, having emotional support helps relieve these feelings and keep them in a good place. Spend quality time with lots of light-hearted moments and see them recover soon!

Teleconsult Cardiologist

Regular consultation with a cardiologist is crucial even after the patient has had a successful surgery. Elderly patients may find it difficult to visit the doctor for consultation. Thankfully, Teleconsultations can make life easier for them without compromising their treatment. It is like visiting a doctor anytime, anywhere as per your convenience and appointment. Your cardiologist may suggest using Curofone App for consultation. It is becoming one of the trusted teleconsultation apps by cardiologists in Pune and across the country. 

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Regular Cardiac Care Monitoring At Home

Heart surgery can trigger cardiac events such as heart rhythm disturbances, congestive heart failure, during surgery, or shortly afterwards. Hence, keeping a check on patients health vitals such as heart rate, ECG, BP, SpO2 is crucial. Doctors take care of the patient while in the hospital, but what do you do once they’re home? Thanks to the advancement in patient monitoring technology, you can now monitor the health vitals at home. 

At Curofone, we provide a comprehensive CardioCare plan where you get ‘CuroMe Health Monitor’, a portable patient monitoring device for use anytime, anywhere. The best part, it syncs all patient’s health reports to the Curofone app- making it easy for your cardiologist to see your results and suggest the best treatment. 

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A Step Towards Recovery!

Heart surgery can be a traumatic experience for elderly people. We understand in sudden emergency cases, things are not under the family’s control. However, if surgery is planned, make sure that the patient is mentally prepared. Be optimistic about their care. Do follow these tips and we’re sure you will see them recover soon! 

If you are looking for Chronic Disease Management assistance for your loved ones, get in touch with the Curofone team today!