Benefits Of Cardiac Rehabilitation Plans

Cardiac Rehabilitation Plan in India

You just had heart surgery, and your cardiologist is telling you to exercise. Isn’t it strange? Well, it is a question that many patients may ask when they first hear it. It can be difficult for patients and their families to understand how exercise will help them at this point. They often start questioning what the purpose of the exercise is! It is important to know that the cardiologist wants you to exercise because of the benefits it can give your health. Also, many patients think cardiac rehab programs only focus on exercise which they probably can do on their own. It is not true. Cardiac Rehabilitation is a comprehensive heart care approach that takes your lifestyle, diet, medications, and health vitals monitoring into account before creating a personalised plan for patients. Let’s dive deeper into the topic and understand it better.

What are Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs?

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a process that helps in the recovery of the heart after a cardiac event. Cardiac rehabilitation programs are typically offered as outpatient programs which means it is not necessary to stay in the hospital or clinic for treatment. This helps patients avoid spending unnecessary time in the hospital or clinic when they could be at home, working, or doing other activities instead of being confined to a hospital bed. Cardiac rehabilitation programs are often offered by hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers. At Curofone, we provide CardioCare Plan in India that helps patients with improved cardiac function. This type of therapy aims to reduce the risk of the recurrence of heart attacks. Wait! There are many more benefits to choosing CardioCare Plan. Let’s explore. 

Benefits Of Cardiac Rehabilitation Plans

Strengthens Heart And Body

Cardiac rehabilitation strengthens your heart and body after a cardiac event. It is a process The amount of time it takes for someone to recover from a heart complication can vary depending on the severity of their condition. The sooner you start rehabilitation, the faster you will return to normal life.

Lowers Risks Of Prolonged Hospitalisation

Patients may be able to lower their risk of hospital admission by participating in a cardiac rehabilitation program. Various studies found that those who participated in cardiac rehabilitation are less likely to be hospitalised for heart attack or stroke due to better control over health. These plans also offer a patient monitoring system that alerts about possible heart problems in future.

Helps Relieve The Cardiac Symptoms

Cardiac rehabilitation helps relieve the remaining symptoms of a cardiac event like chest pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, etc. It helps in managing the recovery and rehabilitation process by providing physical training, psychological counselling, medical care and more.

Improves Mood and Emotional Well-Being

Heart patients often feel demotivated after they experience a severe cardiac event. Cardiac rehabilitation, along with strengthening the heart, is considered an effective treatment for heart disease to improve mood, reduces stress, and helps people live a better quality of life.

Choose The Best Cardiac Rehabilitation Plan in India

CardioCare Plan by Curofone is a comprehensive heart recovery plan that lets patients track their health parameters from home using CuroMe Device, teleconsult with a cardiologist and share real-time health reports using the Curofone app. Not only this, but the plan also includes personalised health and fitness guidance by certified nutritionists to ensure your treatment and lifestyle stay balanced during cardiac rehabilitation. All these highlighting features of CardioCare make it the best Cardiac Rehabilitation Plan in India. Make a healthier choice for your heart and choose CardioCare. Our team at Curofone is here to help you at every stage of the plan- right from understanding its functions to assisting you throughout the plan. Our passionate care will heal your heart soon!

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