Curofone CardioCare: A holistic care plan for your Heart Health

Cardiac health is often overlooked in our country. One must understand that heart disease is a silent killer that can strike without warning. It is one of the leading causes of death for both men and women in India. Heart health is not just important for people with cardiac concerns; it’s essential for everyone. It is necessary to take care of your heart, no matter what age you are. Our heart is the most vital organ in the body and needs constant care and attention. Some of the most common heart health issues are high blood pressure, fatigue, high cholesterol levels and more. All these issues can lead to more severe complications if left untreated. Unfortunately, when people are trying to get the best care for their cardiac health, they often think that the only solution is an expensive hospital visit. This is not the only option always. Instead, there are plans like Curofone’s CardioCare that enable you to get the help you need.

Curofone’s CardioCare is a premium healthcare service to help you maintain and recover your cardiac health with a personalised health plan. With our CardioCare plan, patients can now monitor their health remotely using patient monitoring devices and the Curofone app. They can do this from their homes, so they do not have to be at the hospital or clinic 24/7. This significantly helps patients who are unable to communicate with their doctors for whatever reason and those who cannot move around that much because of age or illness. The cardiocare plan is designed for remote monitoring so that their doctors can monitor patients for heart conditions even during travel. CardioCare plan is especially beneficial for Post-Cardiac surgery health recovery for patients – they can monitor their health vitals at home, stay connected with their Dr & follow the prescribed health plan to ensure faster improvement of their health.

How Does CardioCare Plan Work?

1. Assignment

Your doctor assigns the CardioCare Care Plan after reviewing your medical history. In CardioCare Plan, you will be given- Personal Health Vitals Targets, Routine health vitals monitoring guidelines, Fitness Guidelines to maintain a healthy recovery and Nutrition & Diet advice. This is a personalised plan created by the doctor according to your medical history and conditions.

2. Onboarding

The CuroMe Cardiac Monitor Kit is designed to be used by patients at home. You receive the CuroMe Cardiac Monitor Kit, along with the necessary training to use the kit. The kit consists of the CuroMe Cardiac Monitor Device, including CuroMe Digital Blood Pressure Cuff, All Accessories: ECG Leads & Electrodes, SpO2 Finger Sensor Cable, Cover, Charging Cable, User Manual & Quick Guide. Our team will give you a detailed demo and training on how to use the CuroMe device at home. An invitation link will be shared with you to Subscribe & activate your care plan, along with a demo of using the Curofone Mobile app.

3. At-Home Cardiac Monitoring

You can use the CuroMe device, the vitals signs monitor, as prescribed by your doctor regularly. A person can easily measure their own ECG, Blood pressure and other vitals at regular intervals at home. The device is easy to use and connects with the ‘Curofone’ mobile app – you can save your health vitals data on the app & your doctor can check this data in real-time. If any abnormal readings are seen by the Doctor, they can connect with you in a timely manner to take appropriate action.

4. Nutrition and Fitness Guidelines

The assigned nutritionist and fitness professional will provide a nutrition plan and a fitness schedule for you. They will monitor and reschedule your goals regularly as per your progress. Make sure you follow guidelines for your diet and follow fitness goals & activity guidelines of your health. The doctor’s recommendations play an essential role in cardiac recovery, achieving your fitness goals and keeping your heart healthy.

5. Online Video Consultation

Your Doctor can review vital monitoring device readings and provide you with online video consultations via Curofone Mobile App. When you regularly measure your vitals at home, your doctor can see your progress at regular intervals and recommend better treatment. You can get answers to any questions you may have or discuss any changes in your health status, all this from the comfort of your home. Your cardiologist can advise for any medication adjustments or investigations as needed. Regular teleconsultations will help in a faster, healthier recovery for you!

Bring Home a Holistic Cardiac Care!

Curofone’s CardioCare Healthcare Plan is one plan that covers all your heart care solutions, right from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world. The plan is customized as per the patients’ healthcare needs. We understand the importance of educating about a patient’s health conditions, providing ample information necessary for self-care. Our leading cardiologists are always available to provide you with teleconsultation and check your health vitals readings. At Curofone, we believe health monitoring is an integral aspect of life for patients and health-conscious people. This is the reason our health monitoring devices are super portable. You can carry it in your pocket, and we mean it! So, with everything just perfect about CardioCare Plan, it is something that will act as your faithful companion for health. Do not delay caring for your heart; get in touch with our team to get a free demo of the CuroMe, Patient Monitoring Device and more information on our premium healthcare plan today!

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