Can You Reverse Heart Disease?

Can You Reverse Heart Disease?

In India, heart disease is growing in prevalence. It is estimated that by 2030, the number of heart patients may increase and result in as high as 2.3 crores of deaths. Unfortunately, the scenario is so scary that it makes most of us think of an important question- Can you reverse the damage caused by Heart Disease? The answer is yes. There are certain types of heart diseases that can be managed and ultimately reversed. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. A lot of things go behind it. Holistic Cardiac Care and health monitoring along with consistent lifestyle changes can help manage and reverse heart disease. CardioCare Plan in India is one such program that can be your perfect partner in cardiac care. But first, check out some expert tips you can follow to reverse heart disease.


1) Motivation is the first step

Let’s get the facts right- Heart disease reversal is possible, but it is not a one-day miracle. It needs determination and consistency to make your heart healthy again. Various studies have found that patients who had a heart attack and were determined to live a healthy life, had a better chance of survival than those who were not determined. So, it’s better to make up your mind about the upcoming changes in life and start on a positive note.

2) Lifestyle Changes

The lifestyle changes that are needed to reverse heart disease are not easy to make for everyone. However, there are some simple steps that can be taken to stop the worsening of heart disease and live a healthier life.

  • Exercise every day for 20-30 minutes (strengthens heart muscles).
  • Eat a healthy diet (reduces blood cholesterol).
  • Get plenty of sleep (helps in maintaining blood pressure).
  • Walk whenever possible (increases energy levels, helps in weight maintenance).
  • Avoid smoking (reduces plaque build-up inside veins and arteries of the heart)

3) Dietary Changes

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and diabetes make heart diseases worse. You need to think of the heart disease reversal process as holistic health care and manage these health factors to heal your body. You must focus on what’s on your plate. Eating more vegetables, fruits and whole grains; reducing sodium intake; limiting alcohol consumption helps a lot. It is best to consult your cardiologist and dietician to get a personalised diet plan.

4) Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs

Cardiac rehabilitation programs are designed to help people with heart disease and provide a systematic way for chronic disease management. They are a form of treatment that can help people recover from their condition and live healthier lives. They are offered to patients who have had a heart attack or who have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease. The goal of these programs and vital monitoring devices is to help patients regain health, strength, and endurance so they can return to their daily lives, with continuous regular health monitoring under a doctor’s guidance and precise timely changes to diet and fitness activities.

How Does Cardiocare Plan Help?

Curofone’s CardioCare Plan is a smart and easy-to-use cardiac rehabilitation program that helps you maintain your cardiac health at home. It is a premium healthcare service that helps you maintain your cardiac health with an at-home patient monitoring system: the FDA-approved CuroMe Health Vitals monitor. You can monitor your health vitals such as BP, Heart Rate, ECG, SpO2, and Temperature at home, via the CuroMe Health Monitor. You can share these vital results with your Doctor and can have an online health consultation via the Curofone app. It can help you stay on top of your heart health, and reduce your frequent clinic visits while providing peace of mind knowing that you’re getting the best care.

What you get with the CardioCare Plan

Your cardiologist can suggest a suitable CardioCare Plan in India after checking your medical history, health reports and more.

  • CuroMe Health Monitor: It is one of the best heart rate monitor device. It helps you keep track of your heart rate, blood pressure, ECG, SpO2, and temperature.
  • Access to the Curofone App: Connects with your cardiologists for teleconsultations, report sharing and more.
  • Diet & Nutrition Support: Guidelines to align diet and nutrition during cardiac care program.
  • Self-Care Assistance: The cardiologist will guide you on the best self-care practices for heart care.

Wrap Up!

As you may be already aware, heart disease is a serious health condition that can be fatal if not treated in time. This is why you must try to manage it and reverse it if possible in your case. At Curofone, our aim is to help you with effective chronic disease management using teleconsultations and a patient monitoring system, without compromising on quality care at home. Consider CardioCare Plan as your first step toward managing and reversing your heart disease. Learn more about the CardioCare Plan here and book your free demo today.