Benefits of Telemedicine Apps for Doctors

The way we see healthcare and the way we take care of our health is evolving. The benefits of telehealth apps have begun to change healthcare across the globe. This includes enabling patients to share their data remotely as well as be treated remotely by doctors or other medical professionals. The benefits are clear- people can feel more connected with their caregivers, receive better treatment, and avoid costly trips to see their care providers in person. It enables patients with chronic conditions to live more independent lives. Telehealth Platforms like Curofone can help with everything from managing online appointments to sharing e-prescriptions, secure Video Calls and accessing patient health vitals results in real-time. The goal of telemedicine is not to replace clinics but instead to provide doctors and patients with the valuable tools they need for efficient chronic disease management and make their lives easier.  BENEFITS OF TELEMEDICINE PLATFORM ‘CUROFONE’ FOR DOCTORS  

Better Patient Engagement

Remote monitoring is a new way to provide better, more meaningful care. Doctors are now able to reach out to patients directly through Curofone’s secure video call functionality. They can use this app to remotely monitor the key health vitals of their patients, which helps them provide a more holistic diagnosis and treatments, as well as help in the early detection and prevention of cardiac diseases. Given the current pandemic situation, patients are more satisfied with remote monitoring than in-person appointments. This is why the doctors who use telemedicine have more positive patient reviews of their care than doctors who don’t use it.  

Easy Access To Patients’ Data

The quality of healthcare service delivery is getting better with the introduction of telemedicine apps. Doctors can make a more accurate diagnosis, and provide more convenient treatment to patients. Easy access to crucial information such as patients medical history, real-time health vitals results help doctors make a better decision for the course of the treatment. This also helps in good continuity of care, and in turn, helps doctors in ensuring increased patient loyalty.  

Reduces Patients No Shows

Teleconsultations have reduced the patient no-shows at the hospital/clinics which saves time for both the doctor and the patient. With a smart app like Curofone and a reliable internet connection, it is now possible for patients to have consultations even when they are out of their homes. It is very beneficial for patients as they get complete, on-time treatment without stepping out of their home. Indeed, it is an economical and time-saving way of receiving and giving medical care.  

Removes the geographical barriers in consultation

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is of the essence, doctors should be able to treat patients from any region. With the help of teleconsultation, they can do this without even stepping out of their clinic. It has eliminated geographical barriers and made it easier for doctors to provide care for people who live far away from hospitals and clinics. Patients with cardiac diseases can use the smart vital signs monitor CuroMe and consult the best cardiologists for the treatment.  

Generates better revenue

Telemedicine can also help doctors increase their income. The average doctor spends a lot of time on the road going to clinics or from appointment to appointment that takes up a bulk of their time. However, telemedicine, can save a lot of time and focus solely on diagnosing and treating patients. Telemedicine also helps ensure easier follow-ups with their patients, as well as increasing their patient reach through online visibility. This leads to added revenue from existing patient follow-ups and new patients gained online.  

Curofone Platform provides an efficient Chronic Disease management solution

The Curofone app is great for Doctors, helps in providing better care to chronic patients.  Features such as chronic disease management tools, teleconsultation, access to patients’ real-time health vitals even when they are at home give doctors a more holistic approach to early detection, timely adjustment of medicines, and regular consultations. Indeed, the combination of the Curofone app and portable CuroMe cardiac patient monitoring device is revolutionising the at-home chronic disease management for both doctors and patients. If you are a Doctor who wishes to use the Curofone Telehealth Platform for your practice: Get in touch with us to book a demo with our expert today!   Also Read: Why Heart Monitoring Is Important

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