7 Benefits of Portable Health Monitoring Devices

Portable Health Monitoring Devices has been around for years, but it is now gaining more popularity. It is a great way for patients to take care of themselves at home and for doctors to keep an eye on their patients from a distance. With the growth of RPM, remote health monitoring devices are in high demand. These are non-invasive devices that can help patients monitor their health vitals such as heart rate, blood pressure, ECG at home

Portable Health Monitoring Devices are usually used in chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension, to help patients monitor their health conditions on a daily basis. These devices capture patients’ health parameters via sensors, cables. Some RPM devices are very lightweight, portable and user-friendly like the CuroMe Cardiac Health Monitor, giving the comfort of monitoring your vitals anytime, anywhere in the absence of doctors assistance.

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7 Benefits of Portable Health Monitoring Devices

Portable Health Monitoring Devices are becoming more convenient. These devices provide a number of benefits to patients and doctors alike. 


  • Safe and comfortable healthcare

Remote patient monitoring devices provide safe health checks from the comfort of your home. They are much more convenient for patients and their families as they don’t have to travel to a hospital for checkups, hence, this saves from unnecessary risks of infections. 

  • Peace of mind

Remote patient monitoring devices like CuroMe, CuroBP+, CurOxy provide peace of mind to patients and their families. They allow people to monitor their loved ones’ health in real-time and get alerts when something is irregular. It is especially useful in current pandemic times when health is everyone’s utmost priority. 

  • Access to quality healthcare

These monitoring devices are a boon to patients who are not able to visit a doctor, such as those with chronic diseases, the elderly, and people who live in rural areas. It provides them access to quality healthcare despite the challenges and helps them live better lives.

  • Cost-effective option for chronic disease management

Remote patient monitoring devices are cost-effective for patients because it reduces medical care costs and provides more timely intervention for chronic conditions. It is significantly cheaper than having a nurse or doctor visiting the patient daily. 

  • Easy contactless monitoring 

The concern of covid-19 is still prevailing. This is where remote patient monitoring devices such as CuroMe, CuroOxy are of great help. It provides a contactless monitoring experience. The patient can simply perform the vitals check on their own. What about reports? Well, the doctors get all the reports and access to medical history via the Curofone app.

  • Improved decision-making 

Remote health monitoring devices help doctors decide on a better course of treatment. The devices provide them with data on the patient’s condition. They can then use this data to make decisions about how they want to treat the patient. Necessary medication changes, tests for detailed diagnosis, changes in lifestyle can be effectively recommended by doctors. 

  • Promotes self-awareness and care in patients

These devices are becoming more popular because they help patients learn more about their chronic conditions. They understand the severity of their condition and are able to adjust their lifestyle to get back on track. These devices keep a watchful eye on the patient’s health and provide timely alerts if there is any change in the condition.

Curofone Devices – Trusted by leading Cardiologists!

Curofone is on a mission to help patients with chronic disease management. Our RPM devices such as CuroMe, CuroBP+, CuroOxy are actively used by patients. These devices allow them to understand their health and teleconsult the cardiologists in Pune or other cities before it’s too late. 

We have comprehensive remote patient monitoring services which give patients the benefit of both- teleconsultation and remote monitoring. They can easily book an appointment for a teleconsultation with their cardiologist. The remote vital signs monitor shares the data and results with the doctor, accessible via the Curofone app. The app provides data security, encrypted communication to ensure our patients receive the right treatment without worrying about online safety. Well, the list of features is long! If you are interested in our cardiac care plan, get in touch with us today to avail a free demo!