6 Key Tips to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

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Most of us are living lives full of stress, work pressure, inadequate sleep and junk food. All these are inviting factors for heart disease. The lifestyle we have is not healthy enough to maintain our health and keep us away from heart disease. In recent years, a lot of people have started to shift their focus to their health by taking medications and opting for portable health monitoring devices which is a good practice. But some people still don’t care about what they eat or how much they exercise, which increases their chances of developing heart disease in the long run. 

Trust us; When it comes to heart health, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The earlier you understand and make the required modifications to your lifestyle, the better. At Curofone, we help heart patients manage their health after diagnosis and treatment via a comprehensive CardioCare Plan. Our panel of expert cardiologists suggest a list of tips to prevent, reverse heart disease and take steps toward holistic cardiac care. 

Wait! Can we reverse heart disease? 

Yes, you can! Read our full blog on Heart Disease Reversal here.

6 Key Tips to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

  • Stay Active & Moving

Did You Know- Your heart is a muscle. Just like any other muscle, your heart stays healthy when you exercise well. Aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. Make sure you include a good combination of cardio and gym in your workout plans for holistic results. You can start from something as simple as brisk walking, cycling, tennis, yoga, and swimming to advanced ones like cardio training, and weight training under the guidance of certified gym trainers. Do teleconsult your cardiologist before starting your workout regime. 

  • Maintain Healthy Weight

 The excess weight increases the load on the heart and blood vessels, which results in high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Furthermore, obesity can cause diabetes and an increased risk of stroke. We’re sure all these reasons are motivating enough to take steps to maintain a healthy weight. Get a vital monitoring device, teleconsultation, and a nutrition-rich diet chart from a dietician for the best results. 

  • Heart-healthy foods to include in the diet

Leafy Green Vegetables, Whole Grains, Berries & Avocados, Omega 3 Rich Fishes, Walnuts, Almonds, etc. 

  • Limit Alcohol & Quit Smoking

Alcohol can raise your blood pressure, increase your risk of obesity, trigger atrial fibrillation and more. Smoking also increases your risk for heart disease by causing high BP, and hardening of the heart arteries (atherosclerosis), which makes it harder for blood to flow through your body. Hence, it is crucial to limit alcohol consumption and avoid smoking to maintain a healthy heart.

  • Lower Your Triglycerides Levels

Triglycerides are an important part of a healthy diet and they can be found in foods such as butter, eggs, and nuts. Triglycerides come from the breakdown of fat in food. When you eat too much fat or not enough carbohydrates or protein, your triglyceride levels may increase (higher than 150 is considered risky), which can lead to high cholesterol levels or heart disease. The best steps for cardiac care are to avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates; choose healthier fats, and exercise regularly. 

  • Say No To Stress

Stress is a major health concern for most people. It can lead to a variety of diseases like heart problems, diabetes, and more. To avoid all these stress-related health hazards, one should take some time off and do something that one enjoys. For example, if you have work-related stress, you should try to find ways to get more time for yourself and your family. 

It’s important not to let your work or other responsibilities get in the way of your physical health.

  • Get CardioCare Plan 

The CardioCare Plan in India by Curofone is very useful for those who want to take better care of their heart. It involves regular consultations, monitoring of health vitals such as Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, ECG, SpO2, following up on any changes, and teleconsultation with your cardiologist using the Curofone app. Not only this, the program is designed in a way that an assigned nutritionist and fitness professional gives you dietary and lifestyle changes guidelines to aid prevention/recovery from heart diseases. Well, there’s lots more to our comprehensive CardioCare Plan. Feel free to get in touch and get a free demo soon!