5 Tips For Blood Pressure Monitoring At Home

Blood Pressure Monitors for Homes

According to the WHO- Only about 12% of people with hypertension in India have their blood pressure under control. Blood pressure is one of the most crucial indicators of heart health. It can give you an indication of how good your heart health is and save you from developing cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and many more complications.  Monitoring blood pressure with a patient monitoring system like CuroBP+ is becoming common. 

Understanding Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is calculated as a measurement of the force exerted by blood on the arteries walls. The human body has two types of pressure: systolic and diastolic. Systolic pressure is when your heart contracts and forces blood into your arteries, while diastolic pressure is when your heart relaxes between contractions. A person with a blood pressure of less than 120/80mmHg is considered to have healthy blood pressure, while below 90/60 mmHg is considered very low. 

5 Tips For Blood Pressure Monitoring At Home

As they say- Prevention is better than cure, you must think of adapting to regular monitoring of blood pressure beyond annual check-ups and doctor visits. Checking your blood pressure is now easier with the help of Digital Blood Pressure Monitors for Homes like CuroBP+. We understand most people are not well-trained for blood pressure monitoring on their own, and this could impact your readings. Hence, we’ve curated a list of tips to help you easily check your blood pressure. 

1) Monitor BP when relaxed

It’s hard for people to relax in stressful situations, or while they have just completed their workout. At these times, blood pressure can be higher than usual. Under normal circumstances, the best time to measure your blood pressure is when you’re relaxed and at rest. However, if the patient needs immediate monitoring due to uneasiness, fatigue or other symptoms, you must go for it. 

2) Check BP twice a day

If you have just bought a vital monitoring device and started monitoring BP, measure it twice (once in the morning before breakfast or medication, once in the evening). Monitoring your blood pressure every day at the same time can help you to get accurate readings and understand Blood pressure patterns. It can also help you avoid any complications arising from high or low levels of blood pressure.

3) Avoid intake of caffeine, alcohol 

Before taking a blood pressure reading, it is recommended that you avoid caffeine, food, tobacco and alcohol for 30 minutes. This will help to reduce the likelihood of inaccurate blood pressure readings.

4) Place BP Cuff on bare skin

The cuff is a part of the BP patient monitoring system. It is typically placed on bare arm skin, not over clothing. Many people often ignore it and place it on top of the fabric, when monitoring it at home. It is a common clinical error that can lead to misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment.

5) Know the Hypertension Specialists’ way!

It is best to take three readings for at least three days at the same time and then average the last two for the most accurate measurement. Most Hypertension Specialists recommend this method to people monitoring BP at home. It gives a fair idea to both patient and doctor and helps in getting the right course of Hypertension management.

Choose the best Blood Pressure Monitor

When it comes to choosing a patient monitoring device, most people end up buying those old traditional blood pressure monitors which are difficult to read without a medical professional by your side. Digital Blood Pressure Monitors for Homes are the best option to choose for an accurate, hassle-free BP monitoring experience. CuroBP+ by Curofone is a smart, convenient, and portable device to monitor BP and ECG at home. Yes, you that right. The FDA & CE-approved device also has an ECG monitoring feature that makes it an amazing choice for heart patients and people at high risk of developing CVDs. 

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