5 Health Monitoring Tools Every Home Should Have

The sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, and lack of physical activity are increasing our risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other chronic conditions. Plus, there is a common misconception that it is okay to take health vitals readings such as blood pressure, heart rate at the doctor’s clinic every six months or so. If your idea of health checkups is similar, maybe it’s time to think again.

Knowing your health vitals once in a year or two is not right, especially for those who are at risk of developing heart disease. It is important to remember that the first symptom of heart disease is often death in many cases. Well, we don’t want to scare you, but it’s crucial to understand that regular health monitoring is the key to your well-being. The more you know about your health and follow cardiac care practices, the better you can manage it. 

When it comes to keeping a check on health, most of us have a thermometer at home. Let’s check out the other top 5 health monitoring tools you should have at your home. 

Blood Pressure Monitor

The presence of hypertension is a leading risk factor for a variety of cardiovascular diseases, including coronary artery disease, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, heart attack, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, and more. Knowing your blood pressure vitals, whether it’s hypertensive, prehypertensive, elevated or normal, is key to preventing or managing it. Check your systolic and diastolic readings regularly. You can trust CuroBP+, a digital BP monitor by Curofone for accurate readings. 

Heart Rate Monitor

You can measure the number of times your heart beats or contracts per minute with a Heart rate monitor. It is monitored by individuals in various scenarios: from athletes who need to keep track of their heart rate during training sessions, to those with health problems who need to keep an eye on their heart rate at all times. Heart rates that are consistently above 100, even when the person is sitting quietly, can sometimes be caused by an abnormal heart rhythm. A high heart rate can also mean the heart muscle is weakened by a virus or some other problem that forces it to beat more often to pump enough blood to the rest of the body. If you have a family history of heart disease or are diagnosed with a condition that affects your heart, keep a check on every beat with the leading CuroMe Health Monitor.

ECG Monitor

An ECG monitor is a device that records the electrical activity of the heart. It can detect an abnormal heart rhythm and changes in the heart muscle that may not be evident by other methods. Having an ECG monitor at home can help you notice symptoms of CVD well in advance. In most cases, people get ample time to consult the best cardiologist. It is also helpful in effective chronic disease management at home.

SpO2 Monitor

Well, the Covid-19 pandemic has made all of us familiar with oximeters/SpO2 monitors. It is a small device that is used to measure the blood oxygen saturation in your blood. It can be worn on the finger to measure the percentage of oxygen in your blood every few seconds. The use of this device at home can help to prevent sudden  death from cardiac arrest and other life-threatening conditions.


A glucometer is a device used to measure the level of glucose in the blood. It is used primarily by people with diabetes, but can also be used for other purposes, such as to test blood sugar levels during pregnancy, surgery or to keep a check on it during CVD treatment. Since sugar levels and heart diseases are closely related, it is highly advised to bring home a glucometer and monitor it regularly. 

Stay Healthy with 5-in-1 Health Monitor- CuroMe

Yes, you read it right. CuroMe Health Monitor by Curofone is a 5-in-1 device that lets you monitor your health vitals such as ECG, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, SpO2 and Temperature. This patient monitoring device is designed for home use and can be used to track your health progress. The device can be synced with the Curofone telemedicine app over Bluetooth, making it easy to check and share your reports with your doctor. Using CuroMe guarantees a hassle-free monitoring experience for doctors, patients, and caregivers. The leading cardiologists in Pune trust the CuroMe device and advise their patients on keeping their health vitals in check anytime, anywhere!

Now that you know about all the 5 health monitor devices and the CuroMe Health Monitor, time to make the right move for a healthy life. Get in touch with us to book your CuroMe Free Demo today!